"You have to be brave to improve something and spend time where you're uncomfortable. Sometimes it just takes a deep breath and a first step forward to get yourself there. And I think when you're there, you find it's a lot easier than you originally imagined it could be."

We really hope you enjoy listening to the career story of Alana Gunn on The Female Career podcast. Alana is Head Coach of Canterbury United Pride women's football team, and she's coached the team to three successive victories in the national league in the past three years. She's had to be patient in her coaching career, working her way up alongside other paid work to get to the role she is in today. She's a player-centred coach, and creates an environment where girls and women feel safe, valued and part of a community. She's also a single Mum to 5 year old Lulu and talks openly about how being a Mum has altered her values and perspective on her life and career.

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