We're delighted to bring you the career story of Anya Satyanand for the latest episode of The Female Career podcast. Anya has spent the last two decades on a journey that's been all about equipping, emboldening and inspiring young people, entrepreneurs and leaders to actively create a more hopeful world. She is a recovering teacher, an erstwhile youth worker, and an independent director of an ethical investment company.

In her work for Leadership New Zealand, Anya supports, equips, empowers and inspires people who are interested in growing the future of Aotearoa - a future that is just and abundant, peaceful and participatory.

In this podcast episode, Anya talks about:

- The challenges and urgency of being a leader today

- Her professional crisis of becoming a parent

- How appointing a personal board can help you grow in your career

🎙 “I have ended up in this place some days I think by accident, but most days I think because I believe in this work of resourcing , acknowledging, affirming, encouraging, inspiring leaders about their own capacity to be the change that needs to happen in the world right now."

You can listen for free to Anya sharing her career journey here on The Female Career website, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you like to listen to your podcasts.