We hope you enjoy listening to the reflections of 5 of our podcast guests about their own work life balance.

Work life balance is a topic that so many of us are interested in. On this episode, five New Zealand women share their own thoughts on how they find balance. From knowing your priorities, to building exercise into a busy life, hopefully you can take some practical tips from these women:

Kendall Flutey - Founder & CEO of financial education Banqer: "Balance is not a destination"

Emma Eden - Principal Horn with Christchurch Symphony Orchestra: "I don't have a lot of time. With the time I've got I just have to be smart with it."

Traci Houpapa - Professional Director and Chair of Federation of Māori Authorities: "Every woman needs a small group of truth tellers. That group of people keeps me grounded and focused."

Hema Patel - Managing Director, Database Solutions: "My weekends have always been sacred."

Caroline Rainsford - Country Director, Google New Zealand: "I try to avoid thinking about balance. I try to think about integration"

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