"Figure out and celebrate what your strengths are. You've been given these magical gifts, so use them and ideally use them for good."

We look forward to soon bringing you the career story of Bridget Williams. Bridget is the founder of Bead and Proceed - a social enterprise working to educate people about the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and inspire action towards them through creativity. 

Alongside this, Bridget is also one of the youngest elected Christchurch City Council Community Board members. She studied law, classics and political science originally and was President of the Student Volunteer Army. The first few years of her career were at Duncan Cotterill as a solicitor before she realised her dreams of pursuing a more creative, community-focused career.

You can listen for free to Bridget sharing her career journey here on The Female Career website or on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.....or wherever yo like to listen to your podcasts.