"Sharing that you need help isn't a weakness at all. Actually that's a real strength. People want to see you succeed and will do whatever they can to help."

We really hope you enjoy listening to the career stories of Brooke Roberts and Sonya Williams, co-Founders and co-CEOs of Sharesies, the online investment platform that makes investing easy and accessible.

Sonya comes from a marketing, product management and customer engagement background. Before co-founding Sharesies in 2016 she worked for Springload, Xero and Kiwibank. Day-to-day she runs the product and marketing side of Sharesies.

Brooke has a marketing and finance background. She also worked at Kiwibank and Xero with her roles focusing more on Product Management and she also co-founded beauty start-up Indigo & Iris. Brooke is co-CEO or ‘3EO’ at Sharesies alongside Sonya and Leighton Roberts

Together, Sonya and Brooke won the 2020 New Zealand Woman of Influence Award in the Business and Enterprise section.

You can listen for free to Brooke & Sonya sharing their career stories together here on The Female Career website, on Apple Podcasts, or on Spotify, or wherever you like to listen to your podcasts.