"When somebody else believes in you, then it's an opportunity to believe in yourself."

We hope you enjoy listening to the career story of Christine Langdon on The Female Career podcast.

Christine is co-founder and Chief of Good at The Good Registry - a gift website where you can give or ask to receive goodness instead of stuff. The Good Registry has partnered with 65 Kiwi charities, which people can support through charitable gift cards and gift registries. In their first three years they’ve raised $565,000 for good, they’ve replaced about 17,000 gifts and all of the associated packaging and waste, and they’ve given thousands of people the joy of giving.

Christine didn’t start out in business or social enterprise. She studied as a journalist, worked at newspapers in New Zealand and overseas (including a stint at the New York Post), then moved into communications and public relations, seeking out roles where she could have a positive social impact, then leading the community programme at Z Energy - before leaving her ‘dream role’ to forge her own path in social good. 

As well as leading The Good Registry, Christine continues to do strategic communications consulting for causes that resonate with her. 

"The thing about being an entrepreneur is this incredible sense of satisfaction, that the hard work that I am doing is creating something that wouldn't be there otherwise. It's creating opportunities for people to give, that they wouldn't have otherwise, and it's reducing waste, and it's helping good causes. All of that's happening because we created something, and that's an incredibly satisfying feeling."

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