"One of the most memorable moments of my life was walking onto the stage to get my PhD with a four month old and a 19 month old - my two baby girls - in the audience with my husband and my family there."

We really hope you enjoy listening to Juanita Ryan sharing her career journey on the latest episode of The Female Career podcats.

Juanita is the Deputy Chief Executive, Health Services with Ara Poutama, the Department of Corrections. She is responsible for the operational delivery of health, mental health, addictions and disability services for people on remand or sentence with the Department.  

Juanita is a Clinical Psychologist by background with a PhD in Psychology. She started her career as a psychologist with the Waikato District Health Board. Juanita joined Ara Poutama 12 years ago and she has held a range of roles there including principal psychologist, Director Programmes and Interventions and Chief Psychologist.