"I've always liked the concept of trying to be mana enhancing. I think that we should be able to critique each other and pull each other up when we need to, but it shouldn't be critical. It should be done with kindness."

We really hope you enjoy listening to the inspiring career journey of Dr Matire Harwood on The Female Career podcast.

Matire is in fact a ‘double doctor’ having graduated with her medical degree in 1994 and then her PhD in 2012. She is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Auckland Medical School and has a particular focus on indigenous health outcomes. She’s a leading Māori health researcher with over 50 peer-reviewed scientific publications to her name. Alongside her research and lecturing, she is also a clinician, and is a GP at Papakura Marae Health Clinic. Matire has also contributed her expertise serving on a number of health committees and boards including the Health Research Council of New Zealand. Her efforts have been widely recognised, and she’s received many awards, including in 2018 when she was awarded the prestigious L’Oréal UNESCO Women in Science Award.