"The first time I went to Antarctica, I stepped off the plane to breathe in air that was colder than I’d ever breathed before”.

We really hope you enjoy listening to the career story of Dr Natalie Robinson on The Female Career podcast.

Natalie is a marine physicist with NIWA, specialising in polar oceanography. Her work ranges in scale from regional-scale circulation and inter-annual variability to small-scale processes at the ice-ocean interface. She is presently focussed on ‘supercooled’ ocean water (water that is colder than it’s own freezing temperature, yet remains liquid, and hence the coldest naturally-occurring water on the planet) and the ice crystals suspended and precipitated by this unique flow. Her work has significantly contributed to understanding the oceanic connection between ice shelf and sea ice regimes and she travels regularly to Antarctica. She is passionate about making science accessible to everyone and has participated in numerous outreach and engagement opportunities across a variety of platforms.

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