Rebecca & Kate co-founded The Better Packaging Company in 2017, which has a mission to find the world’s most sustainable packaging solutions. They’ve experienced phenomenal growth since launching and now export globally, to over 50 countries.

In this episode, Rebecca & Kate talk about:

- Leaning into their values

- Pursuing 'zigzag careers' with many twists and turns

- How their packaging products are making the world a better place

Kate studied chemistry and commerce and started her career in management consulting. She then founded, published and edited a quarterly magazine Dumbo Feather, with a focus on social and environmental change makers before running her own Marketing & Communications Consultancy. She is passionate about the circular economy and about innovative design solutions.

Rebecca studied biochemistry originally and the early years of her career were spent working for companies such as IBM and Vodafone. Prior to founding the Better Packaging Company, Rebecca was the COO at StarShipIt, a cloud based app designed to simplify shipping orders. In that role, she realised the amount of packaging waste generated by the eCommerce industry and that sparked the vision for The Better Packaging Company.