Is it unhelpful to talk about “imposter syndrome”? How can you build your confidence and create opportunities to let your talent shine at work?

Renee Graham is Te Tumu Whakahaere, Chief Executive of the Social Wellbeing Agency. Before beginning this role in June 2021, she was Secretary for Women and Chief Executive of the Ministry for Women.

Growing up in Porirua, Renee began her career journey in a frontline role at Work and Income. Over the next 20+ years, she performed a range of policy roles within the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Education.

In this episode of the podcast, Renee talks candidly about her progression into senior leadership roles, her experiences of imposter syndrome, and how she built her confidence by noting down her successes in a little black book.

“You start building up your little black book of things that you know that you can do, and that helps build your confidence. And then when you’re building your confidence, your imposter syndrome dial is decreasing a little bit. So it’s always there, but every little thing that you do helps.”

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