"You get what you get with us. And I think a lot of people find that really refreshing, especially in this day and age with social media where everyone has to be perfect. We show the sh*t times and we show the great times and I think people love that unique difference."

We really hope you enjoy listening to the career stories of Rosa & Margo Flanagan on The Female Career podcast.

Rosa and Margo founded ‘Two Raw Sisters’, whose mission is to inspire, motivate and educate people on the benefits of plant based eating. They run cooking workshops, have released  two bestselling cookbooks and have more recently launched ‘Hello Raw’ a range of ready-made salads sold in supermarkets. Margo’s focus is more on the Creative and Marketing side of the business and Rosa focuses on Recipe development and logistics. It was personal struggles that brought them on this path – for Margo it was chronic fatigue, endometriosis and gut issues and for Rosa the battles of being an under-weight athlete with a training obsession. Rosa and Margo enjoy healthy living, but also don’t take themselves too seriously and want to make cooking and eating practical and enjoyable for everyone.

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