We really hope you enjoy the inspiring and diverse career story of Tania Bearsley.

A connector of people who enjoys helping individuals and businesses to achieve their goals through introductions, Tania Bearsley is Kea New Zealand’s Regional Director for UK and Europe. At Kea, Tania brings together her passions for events, people, and networking to enable Kiwis to succeed around the globe.  Following a career in hotels, catering and events, Tania volunteered her time as President of The New Zealand Society (UK) 2013-2015, produced colouring books for adults, and has recently been involved as research lead for Dream Catchers, a broadcast interview series which tells the stories of inspiring Kiwis in the UK.  In February this year she was named the Air New Zealand UK New Zealander of the Year 2020 at the NZ Society Waitangi Day Charity Ball. Also a Te Papa Tongarewa Foundation Trustee, Tania has recently returned to Aotearoa New Zealand after living in the UK for 15 years. 

"What I love about connecting people is that there is nothing quite like the power of putting two great minds together. Sometimes a year or two on from that initial nucleus of a connection, ends up this amazing story of a business transaction that was enabled, or a friendship that was born, or a new idea or collaboration that came together. It's all about engineering serendipity."

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