Tanya holds a BPA in Circus and Physical Theatre and was a solo and group performer of circus arts and physical theatre across New Zealand, Germany, Canada, USA and Japan from 2005 – 2016. Since 2011 her focus has been moving from live performance to film and television. Tanya works as a stuntwoman, motion capture action performer, puppeteer and actor and has appeared in films such as Planet of the Apes and Wonder Woman and will be featuring in the upcoming Avatar sequel.

In 2016 Tanya decided to pursue study in Social Work and recently completed her Masters of Social Work. This fitted with her desire to contribute more to community and society. She’s passionate about the work that she does, which includes, among other things, advocating for the rights, health, safety and wellbeing of sex workers in Aotearoa. Her career has taken her so far from hula hooping clown to fighting for human rights.

"One of my proudest career moments was when I was in my first film, Cirque de Soleil: Worlds Away. My mum and my nana flew to Wellington and all three of us sat down in the picture theater and watched my huge face, the size of the movie screen, hammering nails into my nose. It was hilarious.".

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