We really hope you listen to the inspiring career story of Tricia Alach on The Female Career podcast.

Tricia is originally from West Auckland and has lived and worked in Europe, the UK, and the US before now making her base back home in NZ. She's carved herself a specialist career in Strategic HR, Organisation Development and Talent and has always had a strong interest in understanding the reasons people choose their paths in life and work.

In particular, she has a keen interest in the changing world of work as well as international and expatriate careers. Inspired by the stories she heard, in 2017 she started in her spare time the 'How to Have a Happy Homecoming' blog to tell the stories of a diverse group of Kiwis who have lived abroad and returned to NZ. https://howtohaveahappyhomecoming.wordpress.com/

"My career advice would be to really follow what interests you. You can't follow someone else's dream. People who try to follow what someone else sees for them in terms of career success are often very unhappy. So I think follow your interests, follow your passions, pay attention to what gets you excited and do that. Don't feel like that it has to look a particular way. I think it's much more important that it feels right to you, then it looks right to somebody else."

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