We're looking forward to soon bringing you the career journey of Jacqui Maguire.

Jacqui is a registered clinical psychologist. Her professional career has been anchored in corporate wellbeing where she managed a national company of clinical psychologists who provided wellbeing and mental health support across the public and private sector.

Jacqui's main passion is science communication, providing practical psychological theory and strategies to optimise personal wellbeing, work and relationships. She is one of New Zealand's prominent mental health and wellbeing thought leaders and is a sought after keynote speaker.

She is TVNZ's go-to psychologist and a regular contributor to Stuff, NZ Herald, Radio New Zealand and Newstalk ZB. She is also the founder of the #1 ranking Mind Brew podcast, where she has interviewed some of the world's leading psychologists.

Jacqui provides frequent consultation with ELTs and Boards, designs wellbeing programmes, facilitates training to small and large teams and presents keynotes at national conferences.