Wyndi Tagi dropped out of teacher's college at age 21 when she became pregnant with her first child. She now runs WE Accounting, employing 15 people across New Zealand and Samoa, and helping SMEs to thrive. She is also involved in a wide range of charitable work, with a focus on bettering the statistics for Māori and Pacifica people. On top of her busy working life, she's a Mum of 5, a keen sportsperson, and holds a black belt in Karate! We hope you enjoy hearing her talking honestly about the story of her career, which includes:

The challenges and preconceptions she's faced as a Māori woman in business

How she responds when people assume her husband runs the business, rather than her

How she coped after both her Dad and Grandfather passed away in 2017, and when she was diagnosed with breast cancer

Her take on work-life balance and how she juggles having 5 kids, her business, and her Board and charitable work

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